Enchanting Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.7.10


Enchanting Plus Mod is a simple mod that removes the random aspect of enchanting things in Minecraft and also allows you to fully customize your enchantments how you wish. It is really simple to use this superb mod, all you have to do after you have completed the installation, you must open an enchanting table and you will see the Enchanting Plus screen from where you can create your perfect enchantment. Also, you can press the “E” key to enchant and the “R” key to repair the desired item.

The Enchanting Plus Mod also adds some features that I will present you right now. The Enchantment Scroll – can be acquired by killing rare mobs as drops or you can find them in dungeon loot. After you got a new scroll you can click and hold the right mouse button to use the scroll, and in this way, it will be applied to your items at the advanced enchantment table.

Advanced Enchantment Table – It is an upgraded version of the enchantment table, which allows you to manipulate the enchantments on the held item.

Enchanted Book – Them are purely decorative because they look like enchantment books.

Table Upgrade – will allow you to right click on any existing enchantment table and it will turn into the advanced one

Enchanting-Plus-Mod-for-Minecraft Enchanting Plus Mod Enchanting Plus Mod for Minecraft

How to install Enchanting Plus Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the mod and move the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the mod

Download Links for Enchanting Plus Mod

for Minecraft 1.10.2

for Minecraft 1.9.4

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credits: Darkhax – CurseForge


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