Xenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.9


Xenocontendi Resource Pack actually is one of the best texture packs that have the main aim to add new smooth textures that have natural colors into the Minecraft. You will be good surprised about how brighter and cleaner the minecraft will look after you install this pack. The creator of this pack designed it as to be loved by every player who likes the default minecraft texture, but it makes it in its own ways and styles and he really did a great job.

We can say he mainly focused to express good textures and colors by using different 3D effects even if the pack doesn’t have 3D models. But in other words the blocks textures weren’t ignored and everything looks so perfect with those different tones and palettes, you would love to play in a world with so many cool textures around you.

Because the Xenocontendi Resource Pack is just a 16x resolution even in this way most of the blocks will look different thanks to the new colors that will change them completely. The best test you can do to see how this Xenocontendi Resource Pack will really change the Minecraft is to use this pack on a world that actually have some construction. By doing this simple test you are able to make a view about what this Xenocontedni Texture Pack can offer you if you are planning to start a new world with this great pack.

Probably you will notice very easy that this also will add some custom sounds. They are not so special but in combination with those textures your minecraft will look and feel different than vanilla minecraft. We strongly recommend you that in order to get this xenocontendi resource pack working perfectly without any graphic issues you must have the Optifine HD or MCPatcher installed.

Xenocontendi Resource Pack for MinecraftXenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft Xenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft Xenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft Xenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft

Xenocontendi Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added animated texture for the brewing stands.
  • Added red velved cake texture.
  • Added sponge texture.
  • Changed the trapdoor texture to have woven window.
  • Changed the sprites for cooked fish and apples.
  • Fixed some texture issues.

Download Links for Xenocontendi Resource Pack

Xenocontendi Resource Pack 1.8.x

Credits: Disethas – Curse.com


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