X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10/1.9.4


X-Ray Mod 1.10.2/1.10 One fun part of Minecraft is that you can dig deep into the earth for precious ores, iron, coal or diamonds. But this is a hard and dangerous job because it can be harmful sometimes, by falling into deep death drops, underground lakes or lava pits. As if you’re playing in Hardcore Mode, the player will need just a single death and his world will be deleted. The X-Ray Mod is in beta version but its reputation is great due to the forum comments saying it is the best mod ever created for minecraft, thanks to the time-saving features.

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.8

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.8

If youre playing online this mod is perfect, if you don’t want to be banned by server operators, to discover diamond veins every couple minutes. X-Ray is the best mod for Minecraft because it provides you with the option to find redstones or to display the coordinate for your location and also the feature to turn the light around you at max levels even if you don’t have a light source. Furthermore, some versions of X-Ray mod give you the possibility to fly.

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.8

For single players, you dont need to worry about how often you find precious ores or golds. But, let me show you how to protect your account, if youre playing online: you need to be careful at how often you find precious goods. Be smart and play like an innocent player even if you see where the golds are located at and avoid the servers with anti-cheat plugin for X-Ray.

X-Ray Mod Features

  • XRay.
  • Redstone finder.
  • Coordinates display.
  • Fullbright.
  • Fly.
  • Compatible with almost every other mod out there!
  • XRay blocks are customizable.
  • Keybindings are customizable.
  • Very active developer.

Default Keybindings:

  • “X” to toggles XRay.
  • “R” to toggles Redstone finder.
  • “L” to toggles Fullbright.
  • “J” to toggles Coords.

XRay Mod for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Block radius thing added, not very effective but will be made more affective in the next update – no more bedrock fog.
  • Bedrock fog now can be toggled ON or OFF.

How to install X-Ray Mod for Minecraft?

  1. Just download the installer for the mod.
  2. Open the install and select profile and click on “Install” button!
  3. Have fun!

Download Links for X-Ray Mod for Minecraft

X-Ray Mod 1.10.2/1.10

X Ray Mod 1.9.2/1.9

Minecraft 1.8.9

Minecraft 1.8.3

Minecraft 1.8.1

Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: AmbientOcclusion & thehen101– Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


  1. So, this mod is wonderful, all except the fact that everytime I try and land while in fly mode, I either die, or come extremely close to dying, even if I am going as slow as I can. Can you help me find the solution to this problem?


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