Woodpecker Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9


The Woodpecker Resource Pack is one of the most loved packs for Minecraft that has a lot of rustic texture that will completely change your game in a new one that will amaze you even from the beginning. This texture pack is so well made that all those new blocks can have multiple colors for example all of them can have from 4 up to 10 different colors on each individual block.

Thanks to this feature starting by now your Minecraft construction will have a lot of detailed texture and a lot of realistic effects just with this great feature. Another great point of this wonderful pack is that it has just 16x resolution and due to this fact it can be used by every Minecraft player without any problems.

Also the Woodpecker Resource Pack will change completely the Minecraft texture pack with a new one with lots of new vibrant colors, because every block has its own set of palettes that is a great point because until now there were just some few other packs that have this feature. This Woodpecker Texture Pack also adds a custom GUI for your storage inventory and also for the crafting and enchanting tables that are really good looking.

Because this resource pack is not done 100% there are some blocks that need to be updated so you may expect in the future some updates that will bring lots of new stuff in the game. If you were looking for a simple texture pack that will change your game completely you can give a try to this Woodpecker Resource Pack and you will not be disappointed.

Woodpecker Resource Pack for Minecraft

Woodpecker Resource Pack for Minecraft Woodpecker Resource Pack for Minecraft Woodpecker Resource Pack for Minecraft

Woodpecker Resource Pack for Minecvraft Changelogs:

  • Added new texture for Paper, charcoal, coal, lapis and mushroom stew.
  • Fixed some blocks texture

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Woodpecker Resource Pack 1.9

Credits: zobqo – Planet Minecraft


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