Wall Jump Mod for Minecraft 1.8


The Wall Jump mod adds a double jump in the Minecraft that allows you to jump over few blocks higher than normal height. Once installed the mod you will figure out very easy how to use it, just by pressing the “J” letter you will be able to open the settings that will let you customize few features that will allow you to jump.

Also from the settings you can set if you wish to make a 180 degree turn after you jump, so despite to this fact that this mod will help you while you’re playing also you will have a lot of fun.

The Wall Jump Mod is great also if you want to try the same experience that you may have seen in some youtube videos related to Minecraft for example you can jump up on any wall, and by hitting the jump again you will rebound back off. Currently this mod adds some constructions that are designed especially to have fun while you’re jumping around, or if you wish you can build your own constructions.

To achieve the double jump is really easy all you have to do is just to run up to any wall and press the jump key twice. A great tip that can be used when you’re falling down from a wall you can save yourself by jumping on the nearest wall to get yourself back up.

Wall Jump Mod for Minecraft

Wall Jump Mod for Minecraft Wall Jump Mod for Minecraft Wall Jump Mod for Minecraft

Wall Jump Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added new menu with more options.
  • Added a mcmod.info file.
  • Added some stability fixes and a new option named “Circle Mode” – it will make you jump just in a direction.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

How to install Wall Jump Mod

  1. Download the mod and Forge API
  2. Move the mod files in ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Enjoy the mod

Download Links for Wall Jump Mod

Wall Jump Mod 1.8

Credits: NukeDuck – Minecraft Forum


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