Utility Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


The Utility Mobs Mod adds a lot of new useful mobs into your game that will improve your gaming experience. Some of them like Golems, roving turrets or the walking tool blocks will help you to fight against your enemies. Basically all the added mobs will help you in different tasks. The Golems looks similar to the Snow Golem but they are made from stones and ores, despite that fact they are much stronger that the Snow Golems.

Two of the most powerful golems are the Iron and Gold ones, because they have armor and weapons. Another great Golem is made from soul sand and is called Bound Soul Golem, it allows you to put which armor and weapon you want on it. It can really be stronger depending on what items you give to it, also as soon it sees an enemy it will start attacking him.

All the Golems and turrets that were added by the Utility Mobs can be upgraded to improve their effectiveness. The turrets are very useful because they can be placed wherever you want and when an enemy is nearby they can turn to 360 degrees and this thing will maximize their power.

The turrets are made from bricks, obsidian and stones. The strongest turret is made from redstone block and it can shoot flaming arrows to the enemies. This mod is also great because you are able to craft different blocks that can follow you around the map even while you’re going to travel for a long distance. You can easily add a skeleton skull to any of the crafting table, furnace, anvil or chest and afterwards they will become your tamed pets.

Utility_Mobs_Mod_for_Minecraft Utility Mobs Mod for Minecraft

Utility Mobs Mod for Minecraft Utility Mobs Mod for Minecraft

Utility Mobs Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added the colossal golems.
  • Added steam and melon golems.
  • Added jukebox and jack o’lantern block golems.
  • Fixed some minor bugs for few golems.
  • Removed Animation API.

Download Links for Utility Mobs Mod

Utility Mobs Mod 1.7.10

Credits: docrobb – Curse.com


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