Urban Warfare Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


The Urban Warfare Map is the perfect place where you can have a lot of action together with your friends. Basically you will need to kill the other players by using many ways, like using the grenades that are much more powerful than a TNT block when they explode the player will be thrown away from you and the enemy will be dead instantly.

Another great feature of this map is that if you use the powerful weapons very often you can destroy the texture in other words the ground and your enemy will fall down under the map and unfortunately he will die.

The Urban Warfare Map is like a multiplayer, multi-level PVP or last standing player game that is perfect for those players who are bored of the daily monotony of daily mining tasks from Minecraft. This map supports up to 16 players at the same time, the developer of it tested it for several hours with 16 beta testers and the map worked great without any issues or glitches.

Also the creator recommends you to use this map with the latest version of Minecraft for a better gaming experience. Urban Warfare gives you the opportunity to choose on which level you want to play. You must choose one from those ten that are available. You can use a large variety of weapons in order to survive and to kill your opponents with a lot of explosions of napalm or grenades, also you will be amazed about how nice are the grenades’ special effects.

Urban Warfare Map for Minecraft Urban Warfare Map for Minecraft

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Urban Warfare Map 1.8.x

Credits: mctkp – Minecraft Forum


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