Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Trapcraft Mod is the most loved mod for those players who like hunting animals or even your friends in Minecraft. This mod adds a lot of new traps that will bring the realism in the game, and why not to say that after you installed this mod you can have too a lot of fun with your friends. One great feature that is added by this mod is the Dummy, its main aim is to taunt all the aggressive enemies that are nearby. When it is killed by the mobs, it drops the dummy head, you can get it and at a certain time you can place it over two block and you made your own dummy.

The Trapcraft Mod also adds several traps with some great abilities like you can use the traps that can cook the meat. Another great trap is the bear trap that can be used if your house is in the wood or even if you want to catch or protect yourself by enemies. Once you crafted it you just need to place it down on the ground and when a non-player character walks over it, it will hold the mob and he will die slowly.

A dangerous trap that gives a lot of damage is the Spikes Trap that can be placed in holes that exists on the ground and when a monster fall into it he will die. If you want to hide your traps you can use the grass covering, thanks to this your spike trap and the rest can be hidden. The Trapcraft mod is a really useful mod for single players and even for multiplayer because you have unlimited ways to hurt your friends.

Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft

Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft

Trapcraft Mod for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Added a igniter range upgrade.
  • Added the covered grass.
  • Fixed the dummy head.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Trapcraft Mod Download Links

Trapcraft Mod 1.7.10

Credits: ProPercivalalb – Planet Minecraft


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