Toyland Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2


Toyland Resource Pack is a great pack for Minecraft that was released for the entire players not so long time ago. Right after you install the pack you will need to expect to see lots of interesting textures that will bring you in a world full of toys, as the name of the pack suggests it will transform the whole world into a new one that will make you enjoy each second played in Minecraft with this Toyland Resource Pack. I can say that this pack contains some opposite features like, there you can find some realistic textures, but you will also find medieval, dark art style or even traditional, all of them a perfect fit.

With the Toyland Resource Pack installed you will need to know that the main target is on the entities or even mobs rather than on the environment. But this is not something that will force you to skip this pack because also the environmental side will be not forgotten, because also there on the Toyland Texture Pack are a lot of new texture for lots of blocks. And what’s most awesome on this texture pack is the fact that you will use lots of toy based items that will replace the real ones, the plastic hammers will replace the real one, and water guns the usually ranged weapons.Toyland Resource Pack for MinecraftToyland Resource Pack for Minecraft Toyland Resource Pack for MinecraftToyland Resource Pack Toyland Resource Pack

But also there you will find some mobs that also get replaced with the toy-like mobs as well as teddy bear zombies or even the Mr. Potato Head that is really good looking. Another good fact of this Toyland Resource Pack is that has the 32x resolution that will give the possibility to each player to install it without any problems. In final, you will need to notice that this pack is not so old, so it is not 100% completed, but there will be lots of updates that will make it even more enjoyable.

Toyland Resource Pack Features:
  • Cymbal monkeys
  • Bouncy balls
  • Lego’s
  • Teddy bear zombies
  • Marble diamonds
  • Plastic hammers
  • Waterguns
  • Joysticks
  • Easy baked oven
  • Chess
  • Toy cars

How to install Toyland Resource Pack for Minecraft

  1. Download the Resource Pack and move the file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  2. Start the game and choose the pack!

Download Link for Toyland Resource Pack

Toyland Resource Pack 1.10.2

Credits: Tjardo – Planet Minecraft


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