Titanic Map for Minecraft 1.8.9


Every Minecraft player knows about the sad story of the Titanic and for that reason Titanic Map will bring you in a virtual world where you can explore the Titanic ship. Even if the sad accident happened back into 14th April 1912 the Titanic was the largest ship that has ever been built. And for that reason, it is a part of the history because once it sunken, many people died because titanic had just some limited numbers of rescue boats due to the fact that people believed it is unsinkable.

The Titanic Map is the most detailed 1:1 scale map for Minecraft that exists. You will need hours to explore the entire map because everything looks so realistic and well developed that there will take place a history lesson for you since you can discover every corner of this huge cruise ship. To make the exploration easier and not to get lost in the ship, there are a lot of signs that will show you the direction and where a certain room is located.

Titanic Map Minecraft

Titanic Map for Minecraft

Titanic Map for Minecraft 1.1 to scale

Titanic Map for Minecraft 1

Titanic Map for Minecraft

Every single room from this Titanic Map is labeled and furnished, and if you’re planning to live for some time into the ship you will find food into the kitchen refrigerators on F and G decks. The developer of this map created it in over a year.

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Titanic Map 1.8.x

Credits: Deadkoalas – PlanetMinecraft


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