The Witch Map for Minecraft 1.12.2


The Witch Map is an addictive puzzle map that will keep the players engaged from the first steps into it till to the end. At the first look, it may sound unattractive for you but I will assure that you will completely change the view, right after you spend few minutes playing on it. So all this being said the Witch Map is that type of map where everything starts with a story, you’re required to protect the Twilight town from against a wicked witch that keeps terrorizing the citizens for a long period of time.

So it will be a pleasure to play on The Witch Map because on each new day there is a new task that you will need to accomplish, for example, you will need to solve some puzzles, or a boss battle and even some kind of parkour tracks. The entire story of the Witch Map is so well created that you will enjoy completing each task it will pop-up in front of you. Also, the things will become more and more interesting once you progress into the map.

The Witch Map for Minecraft The Witch Map for Minecraft The Witch Map

Even if you’re planning to play it on a single player mode, you will have a lot of funny moments, but if you want even more. You can invite your friends to play together with you because it allows up 4 players at a moment in multiplayer. The Witch Map is a high-quality adventure map because it almost has each feature made especially for you to feel great in a game.

The Witch Map Features

  • Multiple boss battles
  • Has its own resource pack – download from here
  • Supports 1-4 players
  • Interactive dialogue with a story
  • Includes puzzle, parkour, fighting and more
  • Custom music

How to install The Witch map

  1. Download the map and move the file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and enjoy the map

Download Links for The Witch Map

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Credits: Letztaco


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