The Runic Dust Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Every player wants to have some fun in minecraft at a certain time but it is not so easy sometimes, but we found the perfect mod that will entertain you. The Runic Dust Mod has the ability up to 47 differnt types of runes but that number will be increased after every update. This mod gives you the opportunity to live in that mystical place with super-powered magicians like in a world full of fantasy. Now you are able to create a place just like that to have some fun with your friends by using The Runic Dust Mod and “draw” your own style of runes on the ground. If you are a creative person then you can have fun by using The Runic Dust Mod.

Runic Dust Mod for Minecraft


By using The Runic Dust Mod you are able to draw runes everywhere on the ground. By using your imagination you can create awesome fun with this mod.

The Runic Dust Mod for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Updated to MC 1.7.10!
  • Ruts glow when filled with light-emitting blocks.
  • Beacon (torch) rune now turns off when powered by redstone signal.
  • Scrolls now place slower if in survival.

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The Runic Dust Mod 1.7.10



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