The Lava Wipeout Map for Minecraft 1.10.2


The Lava Wipeout Map is an awesome parkour map made by the Epicowner, when he created the map inspired from a well known tv show named Wipeout, surely you know about I’m talking. This parkour map has a lot of obstacles that has been taken from that tv show, and instead of water there is the lava, because all the action on this Lava Wipeout Map happens at height. And while you didn’t jump correctly to arrive on the next block you will fall down in the lava and die. But that’s not all everything is so perfectly positioned as that the time spent on this map will be more challenging than never been before.

In the Lava Wipeout Map, the main danger is the lava, because if you fall down from the obstacles you will take a lot of damage, but this is a great motivator that will make you think twice before to jump to the next obstacle. There currently exists other similar maps like this one, the Wipeout Map is one of them, but there is just a small map where instead of lava is water. So if this Lava Wipeout Map is a great decision that you can make while you want to try a new experience in a map that contains a lot of parkour elements. If you ever fall down, you must know that there is a checkpoint and once you pass through it will spawn you there, if you fall down during the track.The Lava Wipeout Map for Minecraft The Lava Wipeout Map The Lava Wipeout Map for Minecraft

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for Minecraft 1.10.2



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