The Game of Exits Map for Minecraft 1.10.2


The Game of Exits Map is one of the best challenging puzzle map that was ever made for Minecraft, because it will make the time spent on the map really dangerous with all of these features that will stay in front of you while you need to solve the puzzles in order to exit from the lava chamber through emerald portals. All the action on this The Game of Exits Map happens in a lava chamber with the main objective to exit as fast as possible through the single exit that exists in the chamber before to get killed by the lava that will continuously expand.

The Game of Exists Map is so well created as that it will keep you engaged until at the end of the map, and also the gaming experience is awesome. Right after you installed the map you’re ready to start your journey through all the lava chambers rooms because there is not just a single one. Each room has a unique puzzle that must be solved in a certain amount of time before to be killed by the lava. Because this map is a puzzle map, it will put your brain to work in order to solve all these puzzles, but overall the time spend on this kind of maps is really enjoyable and it will bring you to another side of Minecraft.The Game of Exits Map for Minecraft The Game of Exits Map for Minecraft The Game of Exits Map

Despite the puzzle system of the map, there are lots of rooms that must be explored in order to find hidden items. To the disappointment of some players the Game of Exits Map can be played just in single player, but all the puzzles are a little bit hard, but not impossible to be completed. You can play wolf winner instead if you want a more exciting game.

The Game of Exits Map Settings:
  • Brightness = Moody
  • Clouds = OFF
  • Music = OFF
  • Ambient/Environment = OFF

How to install The Game of Exits Map

  1. Download and move the Map file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and enjoy the map

Download Link for The Game of Exits Map

The Game of Exits Map 1.10.2

Credits: Nanogene


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