The Forgotten Land Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


The Forgotten Land Map is one o the best custom maps ever made for Minecraft, once you have installed it you need to survive on this new environment. Currently even from beginning you will need to face the challenges of this island. This huge island is a good test to survive because it is all surrounded by water. That makes the life of this island more interesting because currently it is one of the biggest islands that has ever been created for minecraft and that’s not all, there are some small islands that may be found nearby that are also pretty large.

The Forgotten Land Map has few objectives that need to be done, but those objectives are really helpful for yourself because you need to explore 6 dungeons to discover the landscapes, to find the music disc and to build a fortress in the mountain. Right at the beginning you are spawned on the West Coast of the Forgotten Land, and if you follow the river you will head to a massive mountain that has a big dungeon.

Also, on the map can be found different abandoned temples and other old ruins which can be explored. You will need to be really careful while you’re exploring it because you can get lost really easy, even if we recommend you to explore the entire map because there are lots of secret chests that are hidden on the island. Those chests contain valuable resources, potions and also equipments.

The Forgotten Land Map for MinecraftThe Forgotten Land Map for Minecraft The Forgotten Land Map for Minecraft The Forgotten Land Map for Minecraft

How to install The Forgotten Land Map

  1. Download the Forgotten Land Map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/maps folder
  3. Enjoy the Map

Download Links for The Forgotten Land Map

The Forgotten Land Map 1.8.x

Credits: Cl3minou – Planet Minecraft


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