The Falling Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


The Falling Map is a great survival map that is perfect for those players who ever played on The Dropper 2 Map that is one of the most loved survival map for Minecraft but also the popularity for this current map is continuously growing day by day. The main aim of this map is to survive, you will be spawned somewhere in the sky and you must fall down on some little boxes.

There are up to ten levels of boxes that can be used to make a short fall from one to another. Actually you will get damage once you fall and a little trick is to wait for the health to naturally recover but it is slowly and sometimes it is worth the waiting.

The Falling Map will also keep the score of how many times you died and also it is useful to try to beat your friends if you are playing on multiplayer. One major thing that makes this beautiful map unique from its competitor’s similar maps is that you are able to find a hidden bonus level.

Once you fall down you may find that hidden level which makes you possible to open the path to the 11th secret level which is more difficult than the rest ten and also it will make you test your survival skills. This map can be played with all minecraft version but we recommend you to use the latest version of Minecraft if you don’t want to get some issues or errors.

The Falling Map for Minecraft The Falling Map for Minecraft The Falling Map for Minecraft

You must follow these 2 Rules if you want to play on the Falling Map:
  • You’re not allowed to cheat (to break blocks etc.)
  • You must play on peaceful and survival mod – to be able to die.

Download Links for The Falling Map

The Falling Map 1.8.x

Credits: KryptonDrago


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