The Eleven Rooms Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


The Eleven Rooms Map is perfect for those players who want to try something new in Minecraft to have some fun but at the same time something that puts their brain at work by resolving some puzzles. This map contains 11 separate rooms, that each one has a unique puzzle that needs to be resolved by the players. A great thing about this map is that at the beginning you will be able to solve the number 1 puzzle that is located in the room one, and you cannot move to the room two until you solve the puzzle, we can say that once you pass in other rooms the puzzles will be much harder than the previous room.

If some puzzles of the Eleven Rooms Map give you headache by struggling to solve them you can watch some youtube videos with the correct way but we don’t recommend this and once a time is good to put your brain to work. The developer of this great map placed a bonus room that has some great surprises and will be discovered to you on a certain time while you’re playing. Some puzzles are really great designed such that there may be some puzzles that are put together in another view than yours and you must figure out how to solve it correctly.

The Eleven Rooms Map for Minecraft The Eleven Rooms Map for Minecraft The Eleven Rooms Map for MinecraftHow to install The Eleven Rooms Map

  1. Download the Eleven Rooms Map
  2. Move the map files in the %appdata%./minecraft/saves
  3. Enjoy the map

The Eleven Rooms Map Download Links

The Eleven Rooms Map 1.8.x

Credits: AetherSoul24 – Planet Minecraft


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