The Camping Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4


The Camping Mod allows you to, finally, experience the full outdoor experience in Minecraft. Set the camp, build your tent and fry some marshmallows over the campfire you have made. The Camping mod is simply a must-have mod for every self-declared Minecraft adventurer and explorer.At the beginning you can read the Camping Guide.

the camping mode for minecraft 1.7.10

minecraft camping mode

Once you headed into the forest you can find the perfect place to set up your camp. As soon as you have found the perfect spot, you may place your tent somewhere over there. For your own in-game safety, you must install some Barbed Wires just in case the enemy wants to scare you with a surprise-attack, when the dark comes.

The most dangerous animal in the forest are bears, so make sure you put some Bear Traps around your camp just in case. In order to have light, you just need to set the Decoration Campfire on your desired spot on the ground. Fire’s color can be changed, obviously, with dyes. For a better experience, put some logs near fire and if needed, you can save the fire from vanishing.

The most beautiful thing you can do is to lay down and notice how the campfire makes your camp look epic. If you want to go away from your fire where is dark, you can use the lantern. Inside of your tent you can just put a lantern and a sleeping bag or a chest.

minecraft camping mode 1.7.10 1,8

minecraft camping mode


The Camping Mod allows you to cook food with the Campfire Base, as well. For cooking you must have coal and meat. Make sure you check the food every now and then because if you let it for a long time above the fire it will turn to ashes.

There are 3 ways to cook:
  • Spit Kit Allows you to cook fish and raw hare.
  • Grill Kit allows you to cook fish, raw pork chop and raw beef.
  • Pan Kit allows you to cook rotten flesh and potatoes

Download Links for Camping Mod

Camping Mod 1.10.2

Camping Mod 1.9.4

Credits: __Rikmuld__


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