Tantum Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2


The Tantum Resource Pack is a small baby of the Ludipak 64x, made by a well-known resource pack creator that everything he does makes the gameplay more enjoyable for thousands of players. To give you some more details about the Ludipak pack, it is a huge resource pack that adds a lot of realistic designs and details that will satisfy even the most pretension player. But there’s a problem with this Ludipak, it is made at 64x resolution that is unable to be used by some of the players who doesn’t own a powerful computer to run it smoothly without a huge FPS drop. But to please all the Minecraft players the creator of it decided to create the Tantum Resource Pack that has just only 16x resolution, but despite this fact, it has a lot of details and it is a really awesome resource pack.

Tantum Resource Pack for MinecraftTantum Resource Pack for Minecraft

Everything in Tantum Resource Pack is so realistic and smooth as that you will enjoy every second spent in Minecraft with this pack installed because you will have the possibility to build a lot of interesting constructions that will look great with all of these new blocks. The entire texture colors palette is a little bit darker but that’s not a bad point because everything fits together very well. It’s nice to know that texture pack developer decided to create a second pack inspired from another pack made also by itself to give the possibility to be used by all the players not only by those who have expensive computers. The Tantum Texture Pack is not by far completed but even at this moment it can be used without any issues but you may need to expect in the future to get some updates that will add a lot of cool designs for blocks. Tantum Resource Pack for Minecraft Tantum Resource Pack for Minecraft Tantum Resource Pack

How to install Tantum Resource Pack

  1. Download the resource pack and move the file into ./minecraft/resourcepack
  2. Start the game and choose the pack from game Options

Download Link for Tantum Resource Pack

Tantum Resource Pack 1.10.2

Credits: ludik – Planet Minecraft


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