Survive the Night Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


The basics of Survive the Night Map for Minecraft is to survive even when around of you are a lot of zombies that may kill you at any time. Also you will need to defeat the Killer Bunny in a little cemetery. This map is kinda similar to tower defense games, but it is much better because you can try other kind of experiences in your favorite game. Because this Survive the Night Map works with the latest versions of Minecraft you will get the taste of the new features like particle effects, random entities and other features that were added in th Minecraft 1.8.

The Survive the Night Map is a great map because you will experience the tower defense into Minecraft, you will be not disappointed because thanks of those new features of the Minecraft your gaming experience will be one of the best that can be achieved until now at this type of Maps with different games. In the other tower defense maps there are rounds where you need to fight, but in this Survive the Night Maps once the sun goes down you will need to start the fight against zombies and other dangerous entities in order to survive.

All this non-stop fight will stop at the sunrise or when you kill all the zombies or when you kill the King. This map has five unique character kits that make this Map one of the best, because you are able to have a lot of fun and at the same time a lot of nice experiences.

Survive the Night Map for Minecraft


How to install Survive the Night Map

  1. Download and unzip the map.
  2. Move the map files into %appdata%./minecraft/saves
  3. Start the Minecraft and select the map.

Download Links for Survive the Night Map

Survive the Night Map 1.8.x

Credits: NeoMC –


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