Super Speed Run Parkour Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Super Speed run Parkour Map is one of the most popular parkour maps that allow the players to do some cool things that in a normal Minecraft they wouldn’t be able to do. For example one of the most used features is to run with a Speed III that allows you to run on a long distance and use some little features too during that running process. This great Super Speed run Parkour has a lot of obstacles along the trails that needs to be discovered, from massive jumps full of empty air and long falls or even jumps which are only possible with the massive speed buff.

Playing on Super Speed Run Parkour Map makes all the things happen very fast and due to this fact you need to be very careful because you can’t predict which type of obstacle will be on the next block or corner. Currently this map has 13 different levels plus one bonus level that is at the end of those 13 main levels. Once you pass a level you will obtain a speed boost 3 for every level. When you will die you will be respawned at the beginning until you will beat your first checkpoint.

All the levels have trails from many different biomes like desert, tundra, grassland, jungle that are normal ones but there are also some that pass through underwater dungeons, airships and many more. Until now this current map is one of the greatest maps that has a lot of variety for every trail that must be followed in order to finish the task. So if you want to have some fun in Minecraft we recommend you to install this map.

Super Speed Run Parkour Map for Minecraft

Super Speed Run Parkour Map for Minecraft Super Speed Run Parkour Map for Minecraft Super Speed Run Parkour Map for Minecraft

How to install Super Speed Run Parkour Map

  1. Download the Map
  2. Move the map files into %appdata%./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Enjoy the Parkour Map!

Download Links for Super Speed Run Parkour Map

Super Speed Run Parkour Map 1.8.x

Credits: King_Kat


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