Square Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Square Survival Map is a survival map inspired from the skyblock map, the creator of this one got inspired from a lot of others survival maps and also he implemented some great features that will make you test your survival skills. Firstly you will be spawned on a little island placed up in the sky, with a tree, a shelter and a chest with some basic supplies. By using all the items that are available you will need to survive and also you will need to create new buildings or different things that will help you with food or valuable stuffs.

The Square Survival Map doesn’t have a check list that guarantees you the survival. Each player must discover the right way that will keep them alive on this rudimental island. It has a unique shop system and a lot of quests that will allow you to get different rewards, some of them are very rare and valuable at the same time. Once you will finish a quest and you will get the reward you will want to finish as many quests just to collect all the rewards that will make your life much easier.

Also another great part of this survival map is the exploration. You can discover a lot of small villages, dungeons and also different planets. We recommend you to give a try to this great Square Survival Map because really the creator of this map did a perfect job by implementing some great features that just one good Minecraft developer can think about them and also bringing them to the live experience.

Square Survival Map for Minecraft

Square Survival Map for Minecraft

Square Survival Map for Minecraft

Square Survival Map for Minecraft Changelogs:
  • Added some few quests
  • Added some dungeons
  • Added more items to the shop
  • Added more Bosses

Download Links for Square Survival Map

Square Survival Map 1.8.8

Credits: Andeeyshiet – Minecraft Forum


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