Spire Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8


The Spire Resource Pack will make your Minecraft look brighter due to the all its new 64x resolution texture that has a great reflective effects. Basically this mod is great for those kinds of people who are bored of those texture packs that make the Minecraft look more realistic but when I say realistic I am talking about the shadow places or other kinds of unliked parts.

This resource pack also will bring the realism in Minecraft but in a new way where everything is much lighter with an ancient feel that allows you to build enormous construction with a lot of great details that will make you feel better while you’re playing Minecraft with this resource pack installed.

Spire Resource Pack for Minecraft

Spire Resource Pack for Minecraft

The Spire Resource Pack is a good looking texture pack that in the last few months its popularity is continuously increasing, but unfortunately it is not complete 100%. If you try it out you may expect for some several updates that will come in the future time that will bring a lot of new stuffs and textures.

But despite this fact, all the armors are updated 100% so you may try all of them because there will not be more added. Also the texture of the blocks is 97% done so there are just few blocks that have the old texture but this will not stop you to enjoy the game. And the rest of the items, Gui and Entities are done in proportion of over 50%. So in the large points, this Spire Resource Pack is a playable pack because it has a lot of unique content.

Spire Resource Pack for Minecraft Spire Resource Pack for Minecraft

Spire Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Added new GUI
  • Added new texture blocks
  • Added few more entities
  • Added a new crafting table GUI

Download Links for Spire Resource Pack

Spire Resource Pack 1.8.x

Credits: MYSTIC SPIRE – Planet Minecraft


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