Sophisticated Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10


Sophisticated Wolves Mod is one of the best mod that will make your wolf much smarter and it will be your perfect partner. Everyone knows that dogs are the best human friends and for this reason the developer of this Sophisticated Wolves Mod wanted to bring the real life things into Minecraft World, by helping your dog when it dies or when it is in a real danger, for example when it dies in a river of lava or when it falls down.

Sophisticated Wolfs Mod

Sophisticated Wolfs Mod for Minecraft

Sophisticated Wolfs Mod for Minecraft

By using Sophisticated Wolves Mod you are able to get your dog with you whenever you want, even if you are going to mining – you don’t need to be carefully because with this mod your dog will be safe and it won’t jump around otherwise, without this mod it will fall down and die. Also this Sophisticated Wolves Mod will make your dog live longer by feeding them even if you have multiple dogs.

If there are still players who doesn’t think that this mod is useful for their self then they doesn’t want to have some improved and new features into minecraft. I can say that the focus of this mod is not to have overpowered items or other modified abilities, with this mod installed you will basically enjoy even more the minecraft.

Sophisticated Wolves Mod for Minecraft Changelogs

  • You can set a longer name for your dog
  • Fixed some options

How to install Sophisticated Wolves Mod

  1. Download and Install Forge API
  2. Place the mod files into .\minecraft\mods folder
  3. You’re ready to play Minecraft

Download Links for Sophisticated Wolves Mod

Sophisticated Wolves Mod 1.9

Sophisticated Wolves Mod 1.8.9

Sophisticated Wolves Mod 1.8

Sophisticated Wolves Mod 1.7.10

Credits: NightKosh – MinecraftForum


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