SodaCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2


SodaCraft Resource Pack is one of the most interesting packs that you may ever see because once installed it will completely change your game into a soda world. So if even if you don’t don’t like soda so much you will enjoy this texture pack, coz every block has a unique design that mixed together will create a dream world for you. Even if the SodaCraft Resource Pack provides you a lot of interesting designs and color palette, definitely you must know that it is not even recommended to be used while you’re doing PvP or any other exploration sessions, because it will make the game unattractive and you will lose some effects.

SodaCraft Resource Pack for MinecraftSodaCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft SodaCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft The SodaCraft Resource Pack is by far one of the packs that you must avoid despite the words that the people will tell you about it. Because overall it is trying to implement a new world where you can let away the boringness that once a time will overtake you after a long time spent in Minecraft. You may be shocked at the beginning when you will see that the weapons have been replaced with soda bottles, but that’s something normal, the name of this pack is SodaCraft.SodaCraft Resource PackSodaCraft Resource Pack

This is something that definitely brings a smile on your face, how cool it will be to kill your enemies with a Mountain Dew bottle. Also, the lava texture is changed into coca cola colors, the flowstone textures have a twist of some soda textures too, but by far every environment has been replaced with an actual soda color. Even if the SodaCraft Resource Packs has a 32x resolution you would love to use it because it doesn’t have a lot of details on textures that will keep your FPS at a higher level in comparison with other 32x packs.

How to install SodaCraft Resource Packs

  1. Download the Resource Pack
  2. Move the pack file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder

Download Link for SodaCraft Resource Packs

for Minecraft 1.10.2

Credits: Judes – Planet Minecraft


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