Smooth Operator Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9


The Smooth Operator Resource Pack is a high resolution pack that adds lots of new textures for Minecraft that rarely can be seen in Minecraft. Even in the beginning we can say that this pack is a mix between Sphax and Faithful love child so if you ever used any of these before you will know what to expect from this great pack, but you won’t see the same textures on this pack as on both of them.

But that’s not all, also you will be good surprised about how beautiful looks everything, each block is so well designed with so many details. Even a single block can have multiple faces for example the brick block has different faces like bedrock and others.

With the Smooth Operator Resource Pack your minecraft will be completely changed and very user friendly so you will love to play in a world where everything looks so great. You can build from now on very realistic buildings even if you don’t have architectural skills, your constructions will look perfect to make some cool videos and screenshots. To make the buildings pair you have a large variety of blocks that are especially made to imitate the concrete and stone.

But due to this reason that this Smooth Operator texture pack adds so many detailed textures you will need a powerful computer with a good graphic card that can handle all those details. If you like to play the minecraft at very high FPS you also must know that by using this pack your FPS will come down, but this is not a barrier that will stop you by using this pack.

Because the smooth operator resource pack has lots of features that can be discovered obly if you’re playing on it, one of them is that you will see the textures really smooth by making the eyes to be focused on a certain block. So if you’re searching for a good 256x resource pack for Minecraft you must give a try to this one even if it not 100% done, you may expect for several updates that will add new textures.

Smooth Operator Resource Pack Smooth Operator Resource Pack Smooth Operator Resource Pack Smooth Operator Resource Pack

How to install Smooth Operator Resource Pack

  1. Download the Smooth Operator Resource Pack
  2. Move the pack files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and choose the pack!

Download Links for Smooth Operator Resource Pack

Smooth Operator Resource Pack 1.9

Credits: FifyWalrus – Planet Minecraft


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