Skyscraper Parkour Map for Minecrarft 1.8.9


The Skyscraper Parkour Map is a great combination between parkour elements and a fantastic view from a Skyscraper that will provide you a great gameplay that will not disappoint any parkour lover. The main objective of this map is to climb the skyscraper, as normally you will start from the ground level and until you will arrive to the top of the tower you must use all your skills in order not to fall down.

We can say that in some cases your heart will beat like a drum because you will encounter some parts that are really difficult to pass. The skyscraper has 255 blocks in total and you must be carefully at every step you make because if you do a little mistake it may lead you to the death.

Once you advance the climbing the skyscraper from the Skyscraper Parkour Maps you will arrive in some blue clay blocks that are really useful because they actually work like checkpoints, so if you fall down you can start again from the latest checkpoint you will not need to start the climbing again from to ground. These checkpoints are really strategically placed when you pass one you may expect to find something new objects that will make your climbing more difficult.

Also during the climb you may expect to find some random monsters that are harmless for yourself, they are just placed there as decoration. As any other parkour map if you want to play fair on the map you will need to follow some minimal rules, and you’re not allowed to destroy or place any blocks that will give you some advantage in difficulty places.

Skyscraper Parkour Map Rules:

  • You must play on peacefull mode.
  • Don’t break any blocks.
  • Don’t use any mods that will give you some advantage during the game.

How to install Skyscraper Parkour Map

  1. Download the Skyscraper Parkour Map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and choose the map!

Download Links for Skyscraper Parkour Map

Skyscraper Parkour Map 1.8.x

Credits: SuperSlimeySquid – Minecraft Maps


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