SkyGrid Survival Map for Minecraft 1.12.2


SkyGrid Survival Map is a map with unique gameplay that will make you to thrive into the ultimate survival experience. The aim of this map is to elevate the surface of the world far above the ground. Some players will believe that the SkyGrid is similar with SkyBlock which places you on a tiny island up in the sky and from where you need to survive. But SkyGrid Survival Map will put you into a world with a lot of enemies, resources and many more and the nicest thing about it is that this world is placed up in the sky in a grid structure.

SkyGrid Survival Map

SkyGrid Survival Map for Minecraft

Despite SkyGrid Survival map is great for survival and you can have a lot of fun if you use this map for PVP or another fight mods. The Nether is also located up in the SkyGrid texture, with a lot of blocks spread out on the entire area that makes you difficult the move from one point to another.

SkyGrid Survival Map Minecraft

SkyGrid Survival Map

SkyGrid Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8.9 Changelog
  • Fixed some blocks that where messing up the map
  • Added some new blocks
  • Fixed the Nether ground.

How to Install SkyGrid Survival Map

  1. Download the Map
  2. Move the map files into %appdata%\.minecraft\saves
  3. Have Fun.

Download Links for SkyGrid Survival Map

SkyGrid Survival Map 1.12.2

Credits: SethBling



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