Sky Runner Map for Minecraft 1.10.2


Sky Runner Map is a superb parkour map that allows you to run across the sky on clouds with the world below you. If you’re an addicted parkour player definitely this map is made for you but also if you never played on a parkour map until at this moment, I can say that with this opportunity you can try a different map that has a new system. Instead like on other parkour maps you will need to start the map on a certain track that most of the time was placed on the ground, once you open the game with the Sky Runner Map installed the track will be up in the sky.

Like on other parkour maps your life will be not easy, you will need to jump over each obstacle that will pop up in front of you in order to complete the level. The Sky Runner Map has a total of 10 levels, each one of them is located up in the sky, so all the time you will stay in the sky, or unfortunately in the air in case that you fall down from an obstacle. At the first view you would say that this map will be short as on others, but it is not true, it contains also over 30 different types of unique parkour sequences. So thanks to these amazing features this map became the most popular parkour map because of its large variety of obstacles and situations. To make your life more easier the creator of the Sky Runner Map added some checkpoints that will help you to save your progress in order to return from that checkpoint if you fall down. Before to play on this map you will need to know that you need to set the Minecraft to adventure mode, the difficulty to peaceful and also the minimum render distance at 8.

Sky Runner Map for Minecraft Sky Runner Map for Minecraft Sky Runner Map

How to install Sky Runner Map for Minecraft

  1. Download the Sky Runner Map
  2. Move the map file into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Link for Sky Runner Map

for Minecraft 1.10.2

Credits: nerd0101


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