Sky Dessert Map for Minecraft 1.8.9


The Sky Dessert map is a great survival map even at the beginning of the map you are welcomed on a huge cake that is placed up in the sky, the location of this map also allows you to experience some great sky survival fun with your friends. Besides to this giant cake island that is the main island there are five different islands with unique types of features and environments.

The main aim of this Sky Dessert Map is to travel from one island to another one to finish their requirements that are required to complete the final quest and beat the map.

Due to this fact that this Sky Dessert Map has all the action happening up in the sky, those six islands must be explored to find the 6 hidden emeralds that are hidden on every island. Also you can check the Book of things to do, but it is really useful because it says everything that you must do on this survival map.

Once installed the map and if you love their concept you will spend some several hours playing on it because those 6 emeralds are really hard to find, you must have them in order to beat the map at the final. All the action cannot be replayed so you must think a bit before doing something in order not to fall down or not to do something that is not correctly.

Sky Dessert Map for Minecraft Sky Dessert Map for Minecraft

Sky Dessert Map Features

  • The start point is on a cake island
  • 6 total islands
  • 6 hidden emeralds
  • Book with things to do

How to install the Sky Desert Map

  1. Download the Sky Dessert Map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Enjoy the map!

Download Links for Sky Dessert Map

Sky Dessert Map 1.8.x

Sky Dessert 1.8

Credits: WaatsonBuildTeam –MinecraftMaps


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