Skateboarding Map for Minecrat 1.8.7


Skateboarding maps allows you to skate around in one great custom built skate park. You can use tricks, grinds, grabs and jumps and everything you want without using any mod. So all you need to do is download the map and play on this wonderful creation that is made for skateboarding fans but it is great even if you’re not a fan of this sport.

At the beginning you have some options, you can use the preset park or you can build your own one. Inside of the chest you will find a lot of rails, ramps and a lot of skates.

The preset park of Skateboarding Maps has everything you need to have fun while you’re using the skateboard. All you have to do is to drop the skateboard on the ground by pressing “Q” and you’re ready to go after you press right click to get on it. The first four options with purple color are your tricks, the green one is the grind and the rest 3 reds are the grabs.

Skateboarding Map for Minecraft

Skateboarding Map for Minecraft


When you’re performing the grind on trails you will leave behind you some green particles that are really cool. The grabs can be done if you’re looking on the left – right and backwards at the end of the ramp.

Download Links for Skateboarding Map

Skateboarding Map 1.8.7

Credits: McMakistein – PlanetMinecraft


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