Silent’s Pets Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Silent’s Pets Mod adds a large veriety of pets to the game, instead of going to the wild to find your desired animal and afterwards to tame it. You are able to craft a Pet Summoner, and from this you can create which kind of pet do you wish to have. This mod is a time saver and also you will get any pet you wish in a matter of no time without being required to make a trip in a certain place to bring the pet to your house.

To craft the Pet Summon you will need to have eight Pet Essence items, these can be obtained by killing any mobs: skeletons, zombies, pigs or creepers, really doesn’t matter. But those items has a low drop chance so you need to kill some several mobs in order to get eight, once you have them you can craft your summon.

With the Silent’s Pets Mod you can get any normal animals like cows, pigs, sheep, chicken and even rarer ones like cats, wolfs or mushrooms (are similar to cows and can be milked for mushroom stew). All of these pets have some unique abilities, movements, health and damage stats. Another great thing for this mod is that unlike the normal pets, these that are added by Silent’s Pets Mod will help you if you are engaged into a fight with an enemy or with a player.

Also you can command them to stay in a certain location or even to follow you while you’re moving around. By using the Pet Wand you are able to do some improvements to your pet like to change the armor or to turn off its sound. While you are engaged in a combat and your pets get hurt but it is still alive its health will be slowly regenerated.

Silent’s Pets Mod for Minecraft

Silent’s Pets Mod for Minecraft

Silent’s Pets Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Improved the pet localization system.
  • Fixed the pet health incorrect health.
  • Added few more pets.

Download Links for Silent’s Pets Mod

Silent’s Pets Mod 1.7.10

Credits: SilentChaos512 –


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