Shipwrecks Mod for Minecraft 1.8


Shipwrecks Mod is a fantastic mod that adds various sizes and shapes of shipwrecks to the Ocean and Beaches. The little ones don’t have nice items on them as a reward, but the bigger ones can contain better rewards. It is a really nice mod and it fits to a adventure style.

You can add working boats used as you want for sailing or even for fun with the jetsky. In the chests you will discover some awesome items, namely the diving suit that will allow you to breath underwater but also when you will wear this suit you will get night vision which is required when you are underwater, where is dark and lots of dangerous things. The Shipwrecks Mod is so popular just because of the McMMO and other RPG games which grows a desire for players to insert that RPG gaming feel into Minecraft.

Shipwrecks Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Shipwrecks Mod for Minecraft

Shipwrecks Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Every Wrecked ship’s size can be adjusted from config files. This mod will add 5 different shipwrecks: Rowboats, sailboats, schooner, the sloop and Waverunner. Everyone has a little or a bigger reward found inside. Every shipwreck is different because each one is unique and made from different materials from wood to stones.

But if you will get the desire to search for the things you can find inside of the wrecks you must be carefully because there are some real dangers that can kill you. For example, the piranha fish are dangerous if they are in a group, but if it is just 1, you aren’t in any danger at all.

Shipwrecks Mod for Minecraft

Shipwrecks Mod for Minecraft 2

New Updates for Minecraft 1.8

  • Disable/Enable Diving suit options
  • Shipwrecks can be added into Deep Oceans, cold beaches and also frozen Oceans

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for Minecraft 1.8

Credits: TheWinslow


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