Romecraft Colosseum Map for Minecraft 1.9/1.8


Romecraft Colosseum Map is a great map for the lovers of ancient Rome and the gladiators, by now you can see that large fighting old arena in Minecraft. This is one of the many buildings that are constructed in the Romecraft project. The colosseum is built at a scale 1:1 all the design is copied from the real colosseum also some interior portions are different in Romecraft.

The real Colosseum has support columns 4m thick, in this Romecraft Colosseum Map the developers used 3m thick columns in order to compensate that the minecraft blocks are squared and can’t be rotated as in real life.

Also this map is great because you can get a virtual journey in the Colosseum while you’re playing your favorite game, but the real one from Rome is a bit damaged because of the ages. From the outside they look the same, this structure is 189 blocks by 156 blocks by 48 blocks in dimensions. This copy is great since it is made by using cubes.

RomeCraft Colleseum Map for Minecraft

RomeCraft Colleseum Map for Minecraft

RomeCraft Colleseum Map for Minecraft

Romecraft Colosseum Map for Minecraft 1.9 changelogs

  • Fixed some blocks
  • Added some new interior decorations.

Download Links for Romecraft Colosseum Map

Romecraft Colosseum Map 1.9/1.8.x

Credits: stugace – PlanetMinecraft


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