Rollercoaster Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


The Rollercoaster Mod gives the posibility to all the players who ever wanted to create a rollercoaster in minecraft to create their own circuit by using some very unique tracks that allow you to create your own amusement park that will give you a great gaming experience. This mod was firstly created for a mod competition and once the players saw it they instantly downloaded and posted pictures with their creation online and it became really fast popular. The creator of the mod wanted to give to all the players who ever tried to create a rollercoaster by using the basic tracks from minecraft but most of them failed and for this reason this mod was developed.

The Rollercoaster Mod will take all the complicated aspects on its side and by that all you have to do is just to use your imagination and all the new tracks on which the cart will stay that will drive you on the circuit. You can do some really awesome rollercoasters even if you don’t have experience in building a rollercoaster, once you created one you will want to create more and even more complicated that has a lot of upside downs or that goes at a high height.

With the Rollercoaster Mod installed you will do lots of realistic rollercoaster that will give you a lot of fun, because it also has some things that you wouldn’t expect to receive from a rollercoaster. A kind of disappointment that can be common by some players is that if they save the construction of the rollercoaster and uninstall the mod their track will become unusable because the mod must be installed in order to work the rollercoaster.

Rollercoaster Mod for MinecraftRollercoaster Mod for Minecraft Rollercoaster Mod for Minecraft Rollercoaster Mod for Minecraft

Rollercoaster mod for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Changed support system
  • Fixed some crash bugs
  • Added new tracks

How to install Rollercoaster mod for Minecraft

  1. Download Forge API and this Mod
  2. Move the mod files into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the mod!

Download Links for Rollercoaster Mod

Rollercoaster Mod 1.7.10

Credits: Diamond_Miners – Planet Minecraft


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