Railcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2


By using the Railcraft Mod your rail system in Minecraft will gets some great enhancements. You can create different types of railway and use a lot of tracks, carts and even a train engine. All you need to have is the imagination because you have the resources that will make you able to create how many rails you want or to build your train coaster in Minecraft to get some new and great experiences.

This mod has some high speed tracks that will boost your speed. The high speed track has a 2.5x standard speed and when you are on the high speed booster your speed will be boosted by 125%, but you must be careful because driving at that speed may be dangerous for yourself.

The Railcraft Mod also adds a launch track that can be used to have some fun because it practically will launch your cart into the air, you can use it if you like to jump or if you want to build a creative entrance in your house. The Reinforced Track is faster and we can say that it is indestructible. You can use it to ensure that your track will remain intact even if you kill different mobs or creepers that are on the trail. You can use the elevator track to move your cart on the height or even in underground. It’s great if you want to use the rail even on the vertical places not only on horizontal ones.Railcraft Mod for Minecraft

Railcraft Mod for Minecraft

Railcraft Mod for Minecraft

Railcraft Mod for Minecraft

If you are building your rails and you are in the middle of the ocean for example and you need to craft something you can use the Work Cart that has the same abilities as the crafting table and you don’t need to return back to your home. One of the greatest feature of this Railcraft Mod is the Tunnel Bore, by using it you will dig the tunnels much easier, basically it will bore a tunnel for you even in the mountain.

Railcraft Mod for Minecraft Changelogs:
  • Added new stream locomotives.
  • Added signaling Goggle Aura.
  • Fixed the Rock Crusher problem.
  • Fixed the NPE in the Signal debug statements.
  • Fixed some minor issue with Energy Loader’s

How to install the Railcraft Mod

  1. Download Forge API and the mod
  2. Move the mod files into %appdata%./minecraft/mods
  3. Enjoy the Railcraft Mod.

Download Links for Railcraft Mod

for Minecraft 1.12.2

Railcraft Mod 1.10.2

Railcraft Mod 1.7.10

Credits: CovertJaguar – Curse.com


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