PseudoCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.8


PseudoCraft Resource Pack is a nice pack that not long time ago got a huge update that made it look pretty much better. Since the last update it works with the latest version of minecraft so in other words it may be used by every minecraft player because it is just 32x resource pack. In other points this pack adds some really great 3D models that will make your minecraft world much pleasant and enjoyable. It is that kind of resource pack that adds really good textures but at the same time it doesn’t require a powerful graphic card.

With the PseudoCraf Resource Pack lots of blocks have a modern look that in some cases are really searched by the most players who want to build something realistic and good looking buildings. One block is really interesting, the furnace which has fire inside that’s something really cool for everyone who is bored of unrealistic blocks. Every player knows that in the most resource pack the wooden types of doors were ignored or when they have been changed the result wasn’t really good but in this pack they look a lot better, even the iron doors look more like a jail cell doors because they have lots of bars.

The doors are really important in the minecraft because they will keep the hostile mobs outside of your buildings, and thanks to this PseudoCraft Resource Pack they look good and they will integrate perfect with the rest of the construction blocks.

PseudoCraft Resource Pack for MinecraftPseudoCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft PseudoCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft PseudoCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft PseudoCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

PseudoCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added some new 3D models
  • Added few more textures for building blocks
  • Fixed some minor texture issues
  • Added some Minecraft 1.9 features

Download Links for PseudoCraft Resource Pack

PseudoCraft Resource Pack 1.9

Credits: ThePseudopes –


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