Pokeblock Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.9


Pokeblock Resource Pack is well popular pack that is based thematically from the Pokemon universe. We can say that it is a mix between minecraft and pokemon. This pack is perfet for the pokemon fans because it adds lots of iconic items, even the chests will look like a pokeball, the grass looks like in the GBA titles also the tree saplings need to use HM technique to clear it.

Overall if you want to bring some cool textures from the pokemon this is the right pack for you, because you will not nr disappointed by anything, we assure you that you will have a lot of fun while you are playing in a world that has some pokemon items or textures.

The Pokeblock Resource Pack also replaces the mobs with new mobs that will induce you in a world of pokemon, because those new monsters look exactly the same as in the pokemon game. For example the pigs look like the Tepig pokemon, this is just one example but there are way more other mobs that are waiting for you to find them. For some of the players they may find the Cacnea weird but it is like a giant cactus.

Due the fact that this is made for Minecraft 1.8 version it works even for the latest version of minecraft. So you won’t get any restriction in the game. If you expect from this pokeblock resource pack to add some unique items or tools you’re wrong, it just add new textures even if it has 16x resolution, you will find some great textures.

Pokeblock Resource Pack for Minecraft Pokeblock Resource Pack for Minecraft Pokeblock Resource Pack for Minecraft

Pokeblock Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs:

  • Added new item texture
  • Added new texture for Ice texture
  • Added new flowers texture that will match with the rest of the colors
  • Added a new podzol texture

Download Links for Pokeblock Resource Pack

Pokeblock Resource Pack 1.8.x

Credits: the gravity block – Planet Minecraft


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