Plant Mega Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8


The Plant Mega Pack Mod is a great mod that will add into you Minecraft a huge amount of plants, bushes and flowers. This mod is perfect to make your Minecraft experience much nicer. Since now you can build your luxuriant garden if love flower or even if you don’t like flowers. Plant Mega Pack will transform your Minecraft world into a complete new world full of colors and a good feeling with its beautiful plants and flowers.

Plant Mega Pack will add a lot of plants types that will make you take hard decisions when you want to use one of the plants because you will need to decide which one you want to use because all of them are looking awesome. Beside this, Plant Mega Pack also adds a lot of new food items, drinks and equipment that will improve your gaming.

Plant Mega PackPlant Mega Pack Mod

Plant Mega Pack Mod for Minecraft

Plant Mega Pack Mod for Minecraft

Plant Mega Pack Mod for Minecraft

  • Bamboo plants always grow near water and can reach heights of up to 20 blocks tall, these plants can be crafted into useful blocks and items.
  • Beach plants grow near the edges of ocean beaches and have became accustomed to the brisk, salty air. These beach plants thrive in sandy soils and some even in cooler temperature.
  • Cactus plants have been adapted to the unforgiving heat and dry sands of desert areas, cactus will inflict thorns damage, but the good thing about cactus is that you can craft them into dyes.
  • Climbing plants are very used because they can grow naturally on slopes and can attach to most vertical surfaces, these means that they are perfect for decartive vertical gardens.
  • Forest Plants have adapted to the rich, moist soils and lower light levels of forest and woodland areas. Forest plants are very important to the health of forest and the animals and insects that live there.

Plant Mega Pack has a multi variety of flowers, these plants have flowers that naturally grow in different colors, multi variety flowers can be crafted into dyes and can also be used to make hanging plants. Sood plants produce berries which can be eaten directly or crafted into other foods.

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Plant Mega Pack Mod 1.9

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