Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.8.9


Pixelmon mod is perfect for you if you grew up with Pokemon and you still like it, there has been built a mod that combines Minecraft with Pokemon, the mod is called Pixelmon. Pixelmon will add into your Minecraft over 250+ of pokemons. Every pokemon has its own skill so you will really be impressed by this mod.

This mod is very popular on Minecraft communities, so you must get it right now if you’re interested in discovering a new new way to have fun playing Minecraft. This mod will add or remove anything to your minecraft base files, for this reason, it will work perfectly with other mods available.

Pixelmon Mod Minecraft 1.8

Pixelmon-Mod-Minecraft 1.8

Now let me show you how to craft the basics items of Pixemon. You need a PC to store your pokemons which can be crafted with 6 Diamonds, 1 Glass Pane, 1 Lamp and 1 RedStone. The Healer will basically heal all your pokemons and to craft it, you will need: 4 Iron Ingots, 4 Stones, and 1 Diamond. You will need 4 Iron Ingots and 3 Glass for Pokechecker with which you can check what level they are or what moves they have. For Pokedex you will need: 4 Iron Ingot, 2 Rose Red, 1 Glass Pane, 1 Redstone Lamp and 1 Redstone. It will show you all the stats of every pokemon.

Pixelmon-Mod-Minecraft 1.8.4

Pixelmon-Mod-Minecraft 1.8

Pixelmon-Mod-Minecraft 1.8

To make pokemon magics is quite a complex process. First, you will need to craft a Pokemon Ball: With 3 Iron Ingot you will make the Iron Disc; with 3 Cooked Red Apricorn you will make the Poke Ball Disc; with 7 Iron Ingots you will craft the Anvil; 5 oack Wood Planks and 2 sticks will craft the Wood Hammer. And with all of these you’re able to craft the Pokemon Ball.

Pixelmon Mod Features:
  • 250+ pokemons
  • The base files will be NOT modified
  • Pokedex with the stats of every pokemon
  • Stones for evolution.
  • Multiplayer supported
  • GUI for battle with summary screen and inventory
  • You’re able to trade your pokemons with your friends.
  • And many many more features

How to install Pixelmon Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Go to Start and type %appdata%/.minecraft and press “Enter”
  3. Download Pixelmon Mod
  4. Put the .jar file inside the .minecraft/mods/ directory
  5. Open the launcher and select the Forge profile.

Download Links for Pixelmon Mod

Piexelmon Mod 1.10.2

Pixelmon Mod 1.8.9

Pixelmon Mod 1.8

Pixelmon Mod 1.7.10

Credits: epicSplashBattle


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