Pig Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9


The Pig Resource Pack is great texture pack that at the beginning was created because the developer of it didn’t like the dirt, gravel, cobblestone and more texture of the Vanilla Minecraft, and he made some changes to make it look beautiful for hisself. Afterwards when he finished the work he thought how it will be if he shows it to the others players because everyone who never played with texture packs at a certain time gets bored by the monotony graphic. This resource pack is designed especially for the latest versions of Minecraft 1.9.

Pig Resource Pack for Minecraft

Pig Resource Pack for Minecraft

With the Pig Resource Pack your Minecraft world will transform into a realistic medieval world where every block has a great looking texture that will make you to enjoy more the game. Right after you installed the pack you are able to build a lot of constructions by using a large variety of blocks that have a great design and color.

And maybe you are asking why this resource pack has the Pig name, because in some of the cases there are pig related textures in a certain areas. Even the villagers have a unique texture, they look like a friendly pig men, and even some of the mobs looks like a mutant pig. Basically the main theme of this pack is related to pig colors and textures.

Pig Resource Pack for Minecraft Pig Resource Pack for Minecraft

Pig Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Added new dirt blocks.
  • Added new Diamond ore texture.
  • Added new mobs texture.
  • Fixed some texture issues.

Pig Resource Pack Download Links

Pig Resource Pack 1.9

Credits: jimPIG – PlanetMinecraft


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