Parkour War Map for Minecraft 1.9


The Parkour War Map is a great map that gives you an epic adventure through all the stages that are in this map. It contains effect boxes and emerald blocks that can be pressed once and will give a good or negative thing to your team or even to the enemy team. But all those things are optional.

The main goal of the map is to take your flag to the monuments as fast you can and afterwards to place it on the top of the 1st place tower. The Parkour War Map is a clever map that revolves to the world domination, you must finish the stage until the time runs out, if this thing happens you will need to start the stage from the beginning.

The Parkour War Map contains 7 different continents, like in the real life so you may wonder to see that also each continent is basically designed like any continent from the world. The objectives for every stags are quiet similar, but one of those 7 stages looks exactly so if one stage has lots of blocks that must be jumped the next stage has another thing of constructions that prevail.

So you will need to have lots of skills in order to finish this Parkour War Map, but it is not impossible if you are a regular player of the parkour maps. Another huge positive thing about this map is that it features a solid multiplayer mode, so you may know that if you’re playing alone on a parkour map it may be boring but while you’re playing alongside with your friends there will be a lot of fun.

Overall the map hasn’t any major issues or bugs even if some players said that few of the jumps are impossible to make but if you practice those jumps in final you will succeed.

Parkour War Map for Minecraft 1.9 | MinecraftSide Parkour War Map for Minecraft Parkour War Map for Minecraft

How to install Parkour War Map

  1. Download Parkour War Map
  2. Move the map files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Links for Parkour War Map

Parkour War Map 1.9/1.8.x

Credits: BlueCreeper111 – Minecraft Forum


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