Parkour Euios Map for Minecraft 1.9.2/1.9


The Parkour Euios Map is a great multiplayer friendly parkour map that allows you go through several beautiful constructed rooms with different themes. Not every minecraft map developers can create awesome maps but this SkyDiverTyler really did a great parkour map that is very popular in the parkour category. While you’re playing on this parkour euios map you will enjoy that time very intense because the scenario of this map is so well made as that you will need to have lots of parkour skills in order to finish the tracks. But all these obstacles are here with a scope, to offer you a great gaming experience that no other parkour maps can give you.

Parkour Euios Map has a large variety of different levels (18 in total) that must be completed, but in each level you’re you will be placed in a unique way with the requirements for each level. I can describe you what you must do on some levels, you’ll need to hike through a dense forest that has a lot of obstacles. But also you must explore distant landscapes, different environments and even a secret lab that’s hidden from the players. You may know that on parkour maps you must have different skills that will help you to finish the map but in the Parkour Euios each level requires a specific skill because the levels are unique with different challenges. This Parkour map is kinda an average map that can be succeeded by most of players because it is not easy but also not hard to complete. If all the above description made you to get this map right now, I can say you that it is available just for the latest version of minecraft 1.9.2 so is better to play on the latest version if you don’t want to get any errors that may affect your gaming experience. The Parkour Euios Map is a well made parkour map that surely will entertain you with all those unique levels.

Parkour Euios Map for Minecraft Parkour Euios Map for Minecraft

How to install Parkour Euios Map

  1. Download the Parkour Euios Map and move the files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and enjoy the map!

Download Links for Parkour Euios Map

Parkour Euios Map 1.9.2/1.9

Credits: SkydiverTyler – PlanetMinecraft


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