Paradigm Map for Minecraft 1.10.2


The Paradigm Map for Minecraft is a great puzzle map that recently comes out and it attracted instantly the curiosity of the players to play on it. Despite to the other puzzle related maps this one has an unique system that never been seen in any previous maps. So in order to focus on the game play this Paradigm Map is made to be focused on a main story. Nowadays most of the products and other things give a higher engagement and affection if them comes alongside with a story. But the game play and visuals are not neglected from this map.

Even from the beginning of the map you’re a simple traveler who arrives into a mysterious village in searching for adventure. But right after you finally found the village your vision about the entire village will change because it doesn’t look like you may expected, because there are lots of strange things that happens and you must to investigate which are the reason that makes everything looks strange. I assure you that you will spend lots of awesome moments while you’re playing the Paradigm Map because the entire story is made as that to give a great gaming experience that never been experienced in other maps for Minecraft.

Paradigm Map for Minecraft Paradigm Map for Minecraft Paradigm Map

In order to play without any problems on this map you will need to follow some easy rules like:

  • It works just for 1.10 Snapshot 16w33a
  • Render distande must be at least 8 but preferably 12
  • Sound voice to 100% and music at 0%
  • It supports just Single Player

How to install Paradigm Map for Minecraft

  1. Download the map and move the files into ./minecraft/saves folder
  2. Start the game and choose the save

Download Link for Paradigm Map

for Minecraft 1.10.2

Credits: Oblivion – YT Channel


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