Over the Rainbow Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Over the Rainbow Map has the same theme as the various Sky Block Maps that have just one aim for you, to survive on a tinny construction placed in the sky. Right after you installed Over the Rainbow map you are spawned on a floating cloud up in the sky. All you find there is just a massive rainbow created with colored wool blocks, the rainbow is the most important thing since from the beginning because you need to break it down, and with the blocks from the rainbow you need to make paths that allow you to move on other clouds that have different hidden items and treasures.


Like the other similar maps you must finish the map to consider yourself a winner. And in order to finish it you will need to complete some challenges that will make your journey funnier with every step you take. All those challenges can be done on their own cloud, because they can be easy or hard but you will get the required items to complete the task from its cloud ground. If you want something new similar to Skyblock, you must install this map that will allow you spend some great time during playing on it.

Over the Rainbow Map for MinecraftOver the Rainbow Map for Minecraft Over the Rainbow Map for Minecraft


The Challenges List.

First Tier

  • Craft a furnace
  • Craft a bed
  • Make a farm including wheat, potatoes and carrots
  • Explore 3 clouds other than your main one
  • Make a home
  • Smelt 3 of any ore
  • Craft a bucket

Second Tier

  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Craft a piston
  • Obtain one of each kind of fish
  • Have two of each cows, chickens, pigs and sheep in a pen
  • Make a mob farm
  • Craft a pair of gold boots
  • Craft a iron sword and pickaxe
  • Collect 5 diamonds
  • Visit the nether

Third Tier

  • Make a netherwart farm
  • Make 16 pumpkin pie
  • Enchant any tool
  • Tame an ocelot
  • Make a brewiong stand
  • Put water into a cauldron

Four Tier

  • Brew any potions
  • Cure a zombie villager
  • Craft a jukebox
  • Obtain 5 mycelium using a Silk Touch pickaxe
  • Tame 3 wolves and give them a name using a nametag
  • Obtain 32 Glowstone blocks
  • Tame a Horse and give it a name using a nametag
  • Kill a creeper using a bow and arrow
  • Craft 5 golden apples

Fifth Tier

  • Play music in the Nether
  • Craft 3 mushroom soup
  • Make an iron farm
  • Make 20 snow golems
  • Visit the Sunflower Plains cloud
  • Trade with a villager
  • Visit The End
  • Make an Iron Golem in The End
  • Place the Dragon Egg on top of an emerald block
  • Craft a pair of Pink Leather Leggings

Download Links for Over the Rainbow Map

Over the Rainbow Map 1.8.x

Credits: ohsnapitzbrandon


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