Mystical Epicarno Dimensions Mod for Minecraft 1.8


Mystical Epicarno Dimensions Mod adds a whole new dimension, completed with bosses temples and a lot of more things. This mod gives you Mythril Ingot, Tack, Pyrite Ingot, Redstone Ingot, Multi ingot, Ruby and Block of Epicarno, as well as Mythril Armor, Ruby Armor and Epicarno Armor. You are able to craft Tack Tools, Redstone tools, Ruby tools and Block Tools.

mystical epicarno dimensions mod minecraft 1.8

mystical epicarno dimensions mod 1.8

Now it is the time to show you the weapons from this Mystical Epicarno Dimensions Mod: Soul Stealer weapon – you need to take souls from your enemy so you forfeit half your current health for every hit. This weapon is powerful because it has +24 Attack Damage.

The Sword of The Mystical Inferno has the ability to set your target on fire but also it can set you on fire too, so be careful. For Life & Love Bow you need Life & Love Arrows – only together they have the fire power and Epicarno trail. What this means, is that when you hit somebody with the bow they will burn and when you hit the ground it will spawn some swords that will follow and help you whenever you are engaged in a fight.

mystical epicarno dimensions mod

mystical epicarno dimensions mod

To enter into The Mystical Epicarno Dimension you just need to jump into the Glowstone which acts as a portal. The Mystical Epicarno Dimension looks pretty crazy. The ground is sparkling pink and it may be a bit of a performance killer. This new Dimension world has its own mobs like some walking logs, new creepers and many more.

Everything is so weird but it is awesome you will love it. In The Black Ice altar you can obtain the egg to spawn the Black Boss which looks like one big golem. There is a Rock Boss as well and not only that. The drops are awesome and the rest is just up to you to discover! To have some fun, just spawn the pigs that can fly.

How to install Mystical Epicarno Dimensions Mod

1. Download & install minecraft forge 1.8 version click here
2. Follow the simple install instructions or Google it.
3. Download the Epicarno Mod curseforge for latest (Current lasted version
4. Place the mod jar in the mods folder (that’s in %appdata% .minecraft).

Download Links for Mystical Epicarno Dimensions Mod

Mystical Epicarno Dimensions Mod 1.8

Credits: Ben36501113 –


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