mxTune Mod for Minecraft 1.12.1/1.11.2/1.10.2


mxTune Mod is a superb mod that adds different musical instruments into Minecraft, that can be used by the players to play music in MML format. Since it was released for the first time, Minecraft became very addictive for most of the players because it gives the permission to the players to customize the entire game how they want by adding different mods and resource packs. So all this being said the mxTune mod is a really awesome mod because you can use the MML music that can also exists in different games, or you can create your own music by using all these new added music instruments.

Right after you installed the mxTune Mod you can use all the instruments to create beautiful songs if you know how to play a music instrument, or even if you don’t know, you can make some sounds that can be used to play in the background while you’re playing Minecraft. After you started to use an instrument to create a song, it will be saved as a .MML file format, this type of format is used in various other games that allow the players to use their own music as the background sound.mxTune Mod for Minecraft mxTune Mod for Minecraft mxTune Mod for Minecraft

A great feature related to this mxTune Mod is that it allows up to eight players to create their own music, basically you can create your own band and start to create music together with your friends. I assure you that there will be a lot of fun using this mod alongside with your friends because it will make the make more enjoyable and more entertainment. But before to start creating the songs, you will need to craft the instruments, that will allow you to create the music.Music PaperTubaMandolinFluteBongosBalalaikaClarinetPiano

Crafting Music Paper

How to install the mxTune Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the mod and move the file into ./minecraft/mods folder
  3. Start the game and enjoy the mod together with your friends.

Download Link for mxTune Mod

for Minecraft 1.12.2

for Minecraft 1.12

for Minecraft 1.11.2

for Minecraft 1.11

for Minecraft 1.10.2

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credits: Aeronica – Curse Forge


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