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Mo’ Pickaxes Mod for Minecraft 1.8.8


Mo’ Pickaxes Mod has the main aim to add into your Minecraft new more content and 50+ more pickaxes. Some of these new pickaxes are made from materials that are already into Minecraft and the rest uses some new materials that were added by this mod. Those pickaxes have a lot of features, some of them are made from specific materials that can break rocks blocks and others have a low durability because they can break blocks quickly and do decent damage even in combat, but they will stay just for a short time.

One great thing about this Mo’ Pickaxes mod is that the food pickaxes can be eaten in order to get your hunger points restored, all of this can’t be used to break block. This mod adds some special pickaxes which three of them have an unique ability which warrants crafting and testing them. Four special pickaxes have some great abilities just if you press right click. If you are bored of the Minecraft or of the other mods, this mod can be definitely a new change that will make you love it.

Mo Pickaxes Mod for Minecraft

Mo Pickaxes Mod for Minecraft

Types of pickaxes

  • Food pickaxes – you will receive 3x the food.
  • Low Durability pickaxes – have much damage, but they will break very fast.
  • Special pickaxes – have special abilities.
  • Special rightclick pickaxes – have special abilities when you press right click
  • Cheat pickaxes – are overpowered.

Mo’ Pickaxes Mod for Minecraft changelogs

  • Added some new Pickaxes
  • Fixed some abilities bugs
  • Added description for special pickaxes.

Download Links for Mo’ Pickaxes Mod

Mo’Pickaxes Mod 1.8.x

Credits: 7ggw88 – PlanetMinecraft



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