Minestrappolation 4 Mod for Minecraft 1.8.9/1.8


Minestrappolation 4 Mod is a massive mod for Minecraft that will add a lots of new blocks, items and also it will improve the gameplay. This mod will change your Minecraft completely because it adds specific biomes for each specific type of ground and vegetation. You will be trully impressed about the new large variety of ores and to the hundreds of new decorative blocks that include Hang Gliders, Berry Bushed, hand held sifters, Alloy Furnaces, Frost Generators, multiplayer chunk-claiming block and a lot of new more decorations that I will let you discover by yourself once you have installed this mod.

The Minestrappolation 4 Mod is one of the most famous mod among the online communities related to Minecraft because until now there hadn’t existed another mod that adds so many items like this one. If you have used, before hearing about this mod, a mod that adds backpack you will not need to use it anymore because you will get backpacks too to prevent the overflowing of your inventory.

With the Glacierite Tools and Armors you will have some cool powers. You can easily freeze mobs and blocks for a certain time. Also you can shot the mobs or your enemies with Fire and Ice Charges by using the Charge Guns. To obtain Technological Doodads, reusable Titanium Mining Sieves and lots of new items you can sift the Rubble blocks.

Minestrappolation 4 Mod for Minecraft

Minestrappolation 4 Mod for Minecraft

Minestrappolation 4 Mod for Minecraft

Minestrappolation 4 Mod for Minecraft

Since you were spawned for the first time in the Minecraft with this Minestrappolation 4 Mod installed you will notice a ton of new content, also the health bar is changed. You will have 5 hearts of maximum health. Once you have some experience by using this mod you can get back the 10 hearts or if you’re lucky you can get up to 20 hearts by changing the config file. This Mod includes Forge Ore Dictionary support, so it must run smoothly if you have another mod installed into your Minecraft.

Minestrappolation 4 Mod for Minecraft Changelog:
  • Added Mud blocks, bricks and balls.
  • Added Rubble
  • Added Glacieric Ice Deposit.
  • Added Glacierite Ingots
  • Added Ice Tools
  • Added Titanium Mining Sieves
  • Added a bunch of new Config options.
  • Added Charge Guns.
  • And many more.

Download Links for Minestrappolation 4 Mod

Minestrappolation 4 Mod 1.8.9

Minestrappolation 4 Mod 1.8

Credits: MinestrappDev – Minecraft Forum


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