Mineout Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.9


Mineout Resource Pack is that kind of pack that will make your minecraft more interesting and fun at the same time, all the new textures are so good made as that your minecraft will be completely changed even if the pack has just 16x resolution. Basically this Mineout Texture Pack is perfect for the fans of the Fallout game, because it has some great high definition textures that were inspired from the Fallout series.

Due to the high definition all the new blocks look will look very detailed even the mundane and the basic blocks were not forgotten. This pack really did his job to give a look of Fallout into the Minecraft, even if there are some textures that look like when they were took from a nuclear war site.


You may not know but at this moment the Mineout Resource Pack is one of the largest Fallout Theme packs that currently exist for Minecraft. A great positive thing that induces the fallout atmosphere into the Minecraft is the sound, you may hear lots of realistic sounds that replace the older ones or even there are added a new ones.

A massive change was made to the inventory it looks like the classic Pip-Boy screen, because it has lots of green lines and lots of bright lightings. For some player a change may not be liked, the villagers are replaced with people who actually looks like the player character, this feature adds a lot of difficulty level to tell to a certain villager something apart.

The Mineout Resource Pack doesn’t add any new weapons, armors and other kind of items. A little change is made on a sword that is replaced by the jagged bit of metal that looks like it is on fire.

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How to install Mineout Resource Pack

  1. Download the Mineout Resource Pack
  2. Move the pack file into ./minecraft/resourcepacks folder in zip format
  3. Start the game and enjoy the pack!

Download Links for Mineout Resource Pack

  • Mineout Resource Pack 1.8.x

3D block Model Add-on is required

Credits: cypherunknown – MinecraftForum


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